Homeless Quarters - United we stand against homelessness in America!

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About Us

We are a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to mobilize communities to address the root problem associated with homelessness in America-- a crisis in the availability of affordable housing-- by raising the necessary funding through this grassroots effort of impassioned community members. By giving a hand up, and not a hand out, we will impact this ever growing problem in Kern County.

California State University professor Russell Travis founded Homeless Quarters after years of addressing the topic as part of his Social Stratification and Childhood & Society courses and studies. His launching of Homeless Quarters was in part a tribute to the late "Downtown Mary," a beloved local street-person whose death was deeply mourned throughout her community, and well beyond. The fact that her sad story made the front page of the Los Angeles Times, and was covered by such media outlets as Paul Harvey News, helped convince Dr. Travis that America may at last be ready and willing to embrace the vision of seeing an end to homelessness in this country.

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors invites you to join Homeless Quarters in its declaration of war against homelessness in America.

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