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An Invitation to Afternoon T

-by Gonzalo Santos, Pres. CFA, March 14, 2003

Dear folks,

From time to time, someone on our campus does something so admirable, so selfless and inbued with genuine human solidarity, that we should all stop for a second whatever we are doing, take notice, and rejoice and support it.

One such person is Prof. Russell Travis and his Homeless Quarters Campaign (see below). We are indeed very fortunate to have this indefatigable community supporter and long-standing California Faculty Association proactivist in our ranks. I ask you to support his noble project in any way you can -- e.g., there's a litte plastic container conveniently placed at the cashier station in our campus cafeteria.

In the name of the Bakersfield Chapter of CFA, I'd like to issue the following challenge to all our CFA members (and our sister staff unions on campus too...) for this Saturday T-shirt sale for the homeless:

The first 20 faculty members of CFA who buy a T-shirt at the Russo's Bookstore sidewalk sale this Saturday afternoon may get a second T-shirt FREE - CFA will pay for it. (Just let Russell know you are a CFA member and have him check your name in our members' list for later billing.)

Gonzalo Santos
President, Bakersfield Chapter of CFA

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