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Frequently Asked Questions

How many homeless people are there in Kern County? And, what percentage happens to be children?
In 2007 the Homeless Collaborative, under the direction of United Way of Kern County, conducted the largest census of homeless residents ever undertaken in Kern County. The 2007 census found a total of 1,521 homeless residents. Of that total, 192 were children.

We know from experience that while the census is a good way to try to identify homeless residents, the numbers are typically much lower than the actual homeless population.

How does Homeless Quarters of Kern County help people?
Homeless Quarters is an all-volunteer organization, so 100% of the funds collected go directly to assisting people right here in Kern County. Referrals are made by local service agencies on behalf of people who need help. Homeless Quarters is the last point of referral - we step in when all other potential sources of funding have been exhausted.

We typically provide a small amount of funding to assist people who are moving from the streets into more permanent housing. Our focus on housing matches national efforts to focus on housing. In fact, Bakersfield's Mayor Harvey Hall has a 10-year plan to end homelessness that also focuses on moving people from the streets into permanent housing.

How can people like me help to put an end to homelessness?
By giving your time and money!

We are seeking volunteers to become part of the Homeless Quarters Community Corps. The Homeless Quarters Community Corps works with local businesses to place Plexiglas banks at business locations where customers and the general public can deposit their spare change to help support our efforts.

Homeless Quarters Community Corps volunteers are assigned a route and they empty the banks on their route on a regular basis. We currently have 100 banks placed throughout Bakersfield, and hope to increase that to 200 banks this year. We are seeking individuals who would be willing to help place banks in new businesses and then collect the money from those banks on a regular basis.

Funds raised through the banks allow us to respond to referrals for help from our many partnering community based organizations.

How can school children become involved?
Homeless Quarters works with local elementary schools to teach students about homelessness and how to be a part of the solution through our Quarters 4 Kids Program. E-mail us for more information on this unique program!

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