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Homeless Quarters is a nonpartisan and not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to ending the blight of homelessness across this great land of ours. The need to fulfill the mandate of The Federal Housing Act of 1949 "to secure a decent home and suitable living environment for every American family" is both immediate and staggering. We join with those who feel there is no more sensitive indicator of a truly just society, especially given the fact that approximately 39% of those who experience homelessness today are children and youth.

Homeless Quarters is pledged to win the war against homelessness--one city, one community, one state at a time--without depending on a dime of public funds. We have done the math, and it is clear by the resulting figures that this is a war that can be won, once and for all. Given the fact that the population of the United States is just over 280,000,000 people, if one-quarter of the population (70,000,000 people) were to contribute just one quarter (25 cents) each day over a year's time, the total annual funds raised would equal $6.3 billion (70,000,000 X $.25 X 365 days). If this is the price of ending homelessness in America, then such an objective is quite doable, reasonably quickly, and relatively painlessly. It can be fully realized through a mass-roots effort on the part of the citizenry to deposit their loose quarters into containers provided for that purpose at grocery stores, shopping centers, banks-- wherever people congregate throughout the public arena. (click for Kern County figures)

This is the general thrust of our mission to end homelessness as we know it, for the approximately 700,000 people a night categorized as homeless in this country (see FAQs for more details). At the end of the day, housing remains the only known cure for homelessness, just as it is that a lack of affordable living quarters is the primary cause of homelessness. It is almost that simple. We need your support in this endeavor, and urge you to join with us in the following pledge: United We Stand Against Homelessness in America. SM

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